Regulates HbA1c Levels

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EasBetis is a product with herbs that have high potential in helping the people who have abnormal glycemic levels. Please consult a physician before taking the tablets because trusted guidance from a qualified doctor is always better.

Therapeutic Indication

  • Helps in managing blood glucose level
  • Improvise pancreatic islet β cells
  • Maintains HbA1c levels
  • Helps in reducing insulin resistance


  • Your sugar level can be maintained under control with this herbal combination medicine and along with proper diet and exercise, by reducing symptoms of diabetes like frequent urination, overeating and burning sensation in limbs.
  • Helps to manage your insulin resistance by improving sensitivity.
  • Aids in managing your stress related conditions because of the abnormal insulin hormones
  • Contains herbs that have antihyperlipidemic properties that help reduce total cholesterol levels in the body.


This is a prescribed drug and should be taken upon the advice of the physician.

Refer to the carton for dosage or 1 tablet morning and night after 30 mins to intake of the food


  • Devadaru
  • Gokshura
  • Guluchi
  • Amlaki
  • Pitasara
  • Karavella
  • Rajani
  • Methi
  • Exipients

6 strips X 10 tablets


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