NR-P450 Capsule

Detox & Protect Liver Enzymes

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Liver the vital part of the immune system. When you have a strong liver, it means your body has high levels of immunity. NR-P450 is a product that acts very specifically on the liver and the enzyme P450 which is vital for the liver functioning. It contains herbs that promote liver health and reduces the inflammation in the liver during the process of absorption.

NR-P450 is a prescribed drug and should be taken upon the advice of a physician. This is very much suitable for patients with GERD and Liver Cirrhosis. The herb Operculina turpethum and Cuminum cyminum present in the drug helps and boosts the absorption process and aids in better functioning in the digestive tract.

Therapeutic Indication

  • Helps in removing the toxins
  • Supports in neutralizing fatty and non-fatty molecules through improved metabolism
  • Manages the acid reflux-GERD via better digestion and regulates the appetite
  • Helps in preventing the Liver Cirrhosis


  • Reduces the internal inflammation of the liver that is caused by the continuous laborious work of the liver with the help of the antioxidant herb Embelia ribes and Eclipta prostrata
  • Promotes and boosts the enzyme P450 and helps in accelerating the metabolism process and also removes the toxins effectively.
  • Controls the acid reflux-GERD condition by helping an improved absorption process in the digestive tracts and supports the excretion of toxins.
  • Balances the fatty and non-fatty molecules due to the presence of the Picrorhiza kurroa, the natural substance to prevent any infections in the liver.


This is a prescribed drug and should be taken upon the advice of the physician.

Refer to the carton for dosage or 1 tablet morning and night after 30 mins to intake of the food


  • Kesharaja
  • Bhumyamlaki
  • Katuki
  • Jeeraka
  • Trivrit
  • Vidanga

6 strips X 10 tablets


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